Summer Rugby 7's

Summer Rugby 7's

Welcome to Rugby Thoughts and thank you for visiting!  This website was originally put together to assist me in coaching and running Summer 7's.

I have uploaded some drills I have used at training along with a written explanation of the goals and key points pertaining to the particular drill.  

Please be mindful that this website was intended to be a tool to enhance the 7's program and assist you as players to develop your skills and knowledge of the game.  Most of the information is readily attainable throughout the internet; however, there are some items that were obtained from my prior clubs, books, and other coaches.

If you enjoy 7's, I wholeheartedly encourage you to join your local club and play 15's.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site.


Find a club near you for Summer 7's. 

No Experience required!

It is a good time to learn the game, bring out new people, or to get your blood flowing.