Team Try

Post date: Jan 17, 2011 6:36:35 PM

Team Try

Wonderful team try illustrated in this video.

Note the following:

1. Quick Rucks - The nearest support players around the tackled 

players ruck immediately regardless of position. 

2. Taking ball at pace - Receiver at sufficient depth to RUN on to the 

ball, No one is standing when they receive the ball. 

3. Scoring phase - Note the two decoy runners behind whom the 10 

passes the ball to the 12. Then it was simply quick hands out for the 

open 15 who received the ball at pace. 

Other notes: 

a. Possession v Territory - Note that the yardage gained from the 

first three phases was negligible, only in the 4th breakdown was there 

a significant gain in yardage. 

b. Sideline to sideline - Note how much of the pitch was used from one 

sideline to the other, back once, and again one more time for the 


This try illustrates the team effort behind a try.