Drills Skills & Thrills

Drills Skills & Thrills

In this section, various drills will be posted along with comments.  Many of the drills are from other places and I will endeavor to provide the links to the original source so that you can review yourself.  Although I will attempt to organize the drills as best I can, there may be a few in the Miscellaneous Section that have to be organized.

As more drills are added to this website, my goal is to organize all the drills in a manner that makes sense in developing your skills and overall rugby awareness.  I sincerely hope this website will assist you in improving your performance on the pitch.

The general organization of the drills will be as follows:

Handling - Passing, catching, picking up, basic movements with passing

Footwork - Mostly involves individual evasion skills

Tackling - Self-explanatory

Kicking - Punts, grubbers, drop-kicks, place-kicks, etc.

Contact - Securing possession in contact, e.g. rucking, mauling, fending, etc.

Attacking Units - Attacking as a cohesive unit, awareness of space, creating space, and sending teammate(s) through space

Defending Units - Defending as a cohesive unit, system of defense, communication, and awareness of attackers