2 v 2 Breakaway

Post date: Jul 06, 2010 2:27:7 AM

2 v 2 Breakaway

This drill is used for improving both attacking and defense.  The 2 v 2 breakaway drill allows the 2-man units to communicate and work together to achieve their goal (stopping the attack or breaking the final line of defense to score the try).

It starts off with all players by the cones at the bottom, attackers on one cone and the defenders on the other cone.  Defenders pass the ball to an attacker to start the drill.

Each player runs around their respective cones either towards the top (defenders) or to the side (attackers).  This creates a breakaway situation with cover defense coming across.

Attackers can use individual speed, swerve, sidestep, or set up space to put support runner through. 

Defenders communicate and attempt to bring attackers under control.