Principles of 2 v 1

Post date: Jun 22, 2010 10:12:31 PM

Principles of 2 v 1

The importance of 2 v 1 is significant because ultimately, the attacking sides goal is to create an overlap (extra man situation), which is essentially creating a 2 v 1 at the end of the attacking line.

The principle of 2 v 1 is very simple at its core - draw the defender, then pass to the support runner.  However, the keys to execution are rarely explicitly provided to the players.

Key points are as follows:

Ball Carrier

[By fixing the defender in this method, you will force the defender to either: 

a) commit to a defensive line that prevents him/her from drifting off the ball carrier onto the support player; or

b) fail to commit to the ball carrier allowing the ball carrier to run pass him/her.]

Support Runner