Footwork - Evasion

Footwork (or evasion skills) is used when an attacker is attempting to beat the defender.  The most obvious times evasion skills present themselves are out on the wing in a 1 v 1 setting.  In rugby 7's, there are far more opportunities to display evasion skills given the space available to the players.

Other than pure speed, basic evasion skills consist of changing pace, swerving, and sidestepping.  The more natural speed and agility you have, the more effective you will be at evasion.  

The drills in this section are designed to develop the players:

a) ability to choose the most effective evasion move for the situation; and 

b) execute the move effectively to increase the chances of beating the defender.

1 v 1 Evasion: Sidestep - Jul 08, 2010 5:47:42 PM

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1 v 1 Evasion: Speed - Jul 08, 2010 5:18:2 PM

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